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Author Amanda  Stergianos started her career in London in an advertising agency at the age of 22. After her first daughter was born, it came to transpire that she had life threatening food allergies, so Amanda changed careers to work from home. It was then that she founded her first digital company, a social network that grew to over a million members. Her business grew to develop a few digital assets over time.

Tilly Max and Bean is what she calls her "passion project"   Inspired in recent years, by her three beautiful children and the journey she’s had as a single parent in supporting and watching them navigate sometimes scary, sometimes funny, and sometimes complex life events.  Most of the stories that are (being) developed are based on first-hand experience within their own or extended  family.  
Animation one
Animation two
Animation Four
The concept for these stories is to bring about a deeper, age-appropriate understanding of “difficult” topics for children age 3-9 years of age and to encourage questions and dialogue. The situations in this range of stories are about being “different”, but ultimately about bravery to be yourself, about love, acceptance and kindness to others.
Most stories feature a child that experiences some challenges like scary allergies, tricky divorce issues, a gentle intro to gender-related matters, having a grandpa with dementia, or having same sex parents and normalising a typical family structures.
These situations require a relatable explanation in the form of a story, for young children to have true grasp of the challenges faced by the characters. The  brightly illustrated, fun  pages  always feature the micro-adventures of the real-life nutty little Sausage Dog Peanut, who provides continuous comic relief (and here he is below!).
The Tilly Max and Bean range will help teachers, educator, carers and parents install confidence and empathy in young children, and provide a relatable way to discuss and navigate the trickier topics that are not always easy to articulate.
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