Tilly Max and Bean
Stories for little heroes

Stories for little heroes

Tilly has a peanut allergy, the only peanut she’s not allergic to is her adorable, bonkers fur bestie, Peanut. Beautifully written with giggling age-appropriate humour and great emotional insights to aid understanding serious food allergies.

Meet The Characters


Tilly is the oldest sibling.  She is a chocolate-milk-lover, a super hoop shooter and avid reader! She has serious peanut allergy, in fact, the only peanut she’s not allergic to, is her adorable, bonkers fur bestie, Peanut.


Mum is a single mum who loves us, but she also loves decorating homes and cooking amazing food. We don’t like her to have ANY  boyfriends! 


Papou is our Grandpa,  he can be very funny. He loves magic tricks but lately his memory seems to be a bit broken as he forgets lots of things, even me sometimes!


Peanut is our nutty little Sausage Dog. He digs up the lawn, chews our shoes and can balance biscuits on his head. When he’s not doing that, he watches all squirrels while whining loudly, Mum calls it Nut-flix


Max is the middle sibling, she is a Ninja when it comes to spying on people!  She loves nature and hates wearing pretty dresses.  Max is happiest when covered in dirt out digging with her sidekick Peanut, the adorable Sausage. 


Bean is the littlest sibling. She loves her sisters and is always in the thick of all the adventures. You will find her sharing her dummy and snacks with Peanut, our nutty little Sausage Dog. 


Colette is Mum’s best friend for many years.  She is Irish, and always laughing with Mum until they cry happy tears. 

What the readers say.....


"What a delightful, beautifully illustrated and written book. The children loved the bits of humour from Peanut the dog! In a gentle, caring and friendly way the book introduces children to the importance of knowing about allergies and reactions and is such a great resource to explain why we can’t just share our lunchbox with anyone at snack time. The range of emotions expressed in the book bring beautiful teaching moments for social and emotional learning in the classroom as our conversation went so much further than just the text on the pages."

Shanley Schaefer

Founder of Heart Matters Academy / Parent / Educator


"As a dad, I found Tilly and Peanut’s story taught both my children to understand allergies. I personally loved the blend of illustrations and food photgraphy together. The little scribbled commentaries dotted everywhere of Tilly’s secret thoughts were hilarious! A great, must have, book!"

Nick Denoon-Stevens

Dad of 2 children


"I am a granny to nine beautiful grandchildren and I loved sharing this book at sleepovers. At last we have found an informative story book that is brilliantly told and brightly illustrated. My own precious granddaughter was born with severe peanut allergy. The whole experience of dealing with an emergency situation was difficult at times it makes her feel afraid and also different from her little friends. The unknown is always fearful especially to little children. This book will help many parents and grandparents similar to Tilly’s how to manage an emergency situations. The author manages to teach little children about this experience in a light- hearted way without making them feel different. This story has been very helpful and enjoyed by my grandchildren."

Stella Messaris

Granny to 9 grandchildren


"This book is BRILLIANT. I mean it! So much detail without ever losing one's attention... text, gorgeous illustration, variation of font size and angles keeps everyone beautifully engaged, all that without losing story thread at all. Informs the reader without preaching. I could really go on. This is just fabulous. Truly very well done! "

Ruth Versfeld

Author and Writer


"If your child has a serious allergy, buy this book, it will help enormously. Loved this book. So cutely illustrated in a way that connects with the way children read, uncovering all the little elements of the story but by bit. Any parent who has a child with a concerning allergy should buy this book. "

Amazon Customer

United Kingdom


"This book is brilliant! A really great way to help little kids with allergies understand food intolerances and allergies. Also helps their friends and classmates to understand why they can't share or eat the same food. Its all wrapped up in a really lovely, engaging story with beautiful, bright illustrations that kids really connect with. They especially love the mischievous character of the sausage dog, Peanut! I am recommending this book highly to all my friends - there are so many little kids with allergies and food intolerances these days, everyone needs to read it! I can't wait to hear more from this author!

Claire Dancaster

United Kingdom


"Wow, such a powerfully delivered messages on beautifully illustrated pages. My mind and heart opened to feel the daily challenges that Tilly and her family have to navigate. I love the doggy, what a heartfelt read. Highly recommend for building families with good EQ"

Bianca Volans



"Fun and educational. Love it. Will be buying for all my little friends :-))"

Gauri Goel

United Kingdom


"Such a beautifully written and insightful book. My young daughters were completely captured by this story and asked many relevant questions about allergies. The illustrations are the best, along with little touches of humour that help keep a very serious topic light. A must-read for every child!"

Taryn Augoustatos

Daughters age 5 and 8


This was a great bedtime read, and so easy for kids with allergies to relate to. We loved that it's based on a real family's story, and my son adored Peanut. The illustrations have all these sweet, funny details, so there's always something new to discover - we've dipped into it over and over. Definitely recommend!"

Megan Scharffenorth

Boys age 7 and 9